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Ready To Find Your B.E.A.T.?

Musicians. Can you relate to any of these statements?

  • I feel lost with the direction of my music career.

  • I feel that I wasted my time pursuing a music degree.

  • I am not getting very far with my current music abilities and I don't know what to do.

  • I am feeling bitter when I see other peoples successes.

  • I doubt that I can truly be financially independent and achieve a sustainable music career.

  • I'm about to give up on all my musical pursuits.

  • What once brought me joy is now causing me stress.

  • Not knowing the solution to this problem is making me lose sleep and money.

At NIZCO MUSIC, we understand what you are feeling, and want to help.


We truly believe that you can have a financially sustainable music career on your own terms. You just a plan and a guide. That is where we come in with the B.E.A.T. method.


Through the four B.E.A.T. pillars (Business, Education, Artist Development, Technology) you will learn to bridge the gap between your current skillset to new income opportunities, shifting your feelings of discouragement to fulfillment.

Are you ready to

Find Your B.E.A.T.?

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Are You A Music Educator? 
Help Your Students Find Their

We help music institutions through professional development sessions prepare their students for today's music industry and beyond. We even provide training to music educators so they can have the necessary skills to teach current music business/career course content. 

What is the B.E.A.T. method?

The NIZCO MUSIC B.E.A.T. method is designed to help you bridge the gap to new ways of acquiring employment and income opportunities in both music and music-related industries so you can fulfill your music endeavors. This experience is tailored to your needs as a musician so you can continue your musical journey and easily adapt to changes along the way.


 The B.E.A.T. method encompasses four pillars to a sustainable music career: 









Meet the Team

Jess and Don are both award-winning composers, music producers, and seasoned college professors. Jess and Don are actively working in the music and media industries and have 40+ years of music industry experience combined!

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Jessica Muñiz-Collado


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Don DiNicola


What They Say

Sarah Madru

Institutional Advancement Manager (Vermont College of Fine Arts)

"Jessica and Don offered detailed, engaging, and knowledgeable professional development to graduates of our MFA in Music Composition program. Over three different sessions, they covered a range of topics relevant to musicians and composers working in all areas of the industry. They were approachable presenters, eager to share their expertise, and facilitated insightful conversations. We can’t wait to work with them again!"

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